is leading real estate agencies with reputation of correct partner for all its customers.


BULGARSKI IMOTI is a firm which develop dynamically in the field of real estate and offers to its customers a wide range of services : completes consultations, management, legal and commercial analysis in supply and demand of real estate .

BULGARSKI IMOTI is specialized in the management and the realization of the foreign and Bulgarian investment. Its reputation is based on analytical approach and knowledge of the specific conditions of the real estate market. Many Bulgarians and foreigns firms which have interests on the territory of Bulgaria are among its customers.
The undeniable reputation of the company is due especially to its professionalism, to the non-standard and individual approach to work suited with the needs of each separate customer and on the dynamism of its team .

Our experts are mostly young, very ambitious and highly-educated people who try to offer to our customers a professionally repared analysis of the market, to assist in the realization of the real estate transactions and defend the interests of the customers. The employees have a deep and wide preparation and also knowledge of the legislation on the republic of Bulgaria. Entirely with the requirements of our time, ours highly trained specialists use all means of communication and information are being used in the company and continuously improving their skills for dialogue with the customers, in a direct and indirect contacts.

BULGARSKI IMOTI has a constant team, but relies also on a group of consultants; economists, lawyers, architects and other specialists who are involved in interests of the customers.
Yours real estates are our care !!!